PBS welcomes Sabrina Flagg as Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant

PBS welcomes Sabrina Flagg as our new Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant. She will provide guidance to prospective and current graduate students in a broad variety of ways, ensuring their program needs are addressed. Flagg will serve as an assistant to the Graduate Programs Director, Michael Constantino, overseeing the workflow and operation of the program. Some of her duties include supporting graduate student admissions, processing scholarship and travel grant applications, and counseling students on program requirements. She will work with graduate students to secure research and teaching assistantships, and tuition waivers. Registering for graduate program courses and off-line/independent studies will also be covered by Flagg. She will keep program policies up-to-date, also providing information to students on fellowships, internships, grants, and post-doctoral openings.

Flagg is originally from Southampton, MA, attending Hampshire Regional High School. She owns her original family home there, grateful to live in an area where she can enjoy many outdoor activities. A personal goal for Flagg this year is to reactivate her normal regiment of physical activity, including weight lifting and hiking. She also likes biking, motorbiking, and camping on weekends. An interesting fact about Flagg; she has trained with her husband in martial arts, reaching the level of third-degree black belt. In her spare time, she loves taking a cruise in her Chevy Camaro with her children. She is looking forward to her annual February trip to sunny Mexico with her family.

Contact Sabrina Flagg:

(413) 545-2503


Tobin 510