PBS Faculty receive 2019 CNS Outstanding Achievement Awards

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion 

Nilanjana  'Buju'  Dasgupta, professor, CNS  Director of  Faculty Equity and Inclusion  

Buju Dasgupta"Buju Dasgupta is a social psychologist who could be given this award solely for her highly-successful and influential research program, which explores topics such as stereotypes, implicit biases, and the importance of role models to the success of women and under-represented minorities in STEM disciplines. These topics are highly significant for leadership in the public and private sectors, and many of those individuals have invited Buju to present her work. Closer to home, she has been a leader on all aspects of diversity, and created the new Institute for Diversity Sciences in 2018. Over 100 students and faculty are already involved." 


Outstanding Teaching 

Erik  Cheries, lecturer  

Erik Cheries"Erik Cheries is a developmental psychologist with an incredible ability to captivate his students.  He has described a class period as an emotional experience, with his job being to manage that experience such that students leave with a sense of engagement and wonder. Each class meeting becomes a journey that everyone is on together, with the students knowing they will end up somewhere special.  Even more impressive, Erik accomplishes this goal in his large sections just as well as in small seminars." 


Outstanding Research  

Luke Remage-Healey, associate professor, Early Career Award  

Luke Remage-Healey"Luke Remage-Healey studies how estrogens synthesized in the brain may serve a critical role in sensory processing, learning and memory, and higher cognitive function.  His main research is conducted in zebra finches, where he studies how neuroestrogens enhance vocal learning. Luke’s colleagues describe him as fearless because he is willing to learn whatever methods he needs to accomplish a goal. He isn’t just an amazing scientist in his own lab: he also works hard to make other people’s science better, reviewing countless grant proposals and editing manuscripts submitted for publication."