Lily Vesel ‘19

Alumni Spotlight

Lily VeselUndergraduate Degree: Psychology

Current Position Title and Affiliation: Clinical Research Coordinator, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Summary of Position:
My position as a clinical research coordinator primarily includes duties related to the coordination of clinical trials in psychology, including helping with the development of regulatory forms for clinical trials, recruiting research participants, helping determine eligibility of and obtaining consent from participants, and ensuring the proper documentation and management of research data. I also serve as the primary contact for research participants, schedule study visits, and assist with grant proposals, IRB submissions, and other tasks in the lab.

Future Goals:
I hope to continue gaining a deeper knowledge of clinical research and to pursue a career in either healthcare or research that helps make a positive impact on people’s lives.

What do you love most about this career path?
I am very new to this career path, but it is inspiring to contribute to research that has the potential to greatly improve treatment options for those who need it most. I am excited to be learning about the regulatory aspects of clinical trials and love that there are endless possibilities to learn about different research approaches and new treatments for mental health and substance use conditions.

How did UMass and/or Psychological and Brain Sciences help prepare you?
The PBS department at UMass prepared me by providing me with essential tools, such as an understanding of key principles in psychology and strong writing and research skills, that are needed to pursue a career in psychology. Professors were always supportive of my interests and helped me learn about all the opportunities available in PBS such as working in psychological research labs in. My experience being a research assistant at UMass helped me develop my interest in research and gain invaluable hands-on experience that motivated me to pursue research as a job.

Tips for Current Undergrads:
Don’t be afraid to explore classes or experiences that push you out of your comfort zone! You never know when something might click for you, and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying that funky new class, joining a new club, or going to your professor’s office hours. Also, it’s okay to feel a little lost sometimes. Everything will work out in the end as long as you give it your best shot!