Krystal Cashen and Genna Santorelli Receive Wendy Helmer Memorial Graduate Student Award

The Wendy Helmer Memorial Graduate Student Award is a peer-nominated award that is presented annually to a graduate student in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences who embodies Wendy’s sprit and positively influences the PBS community. Longtime Psychological Services Center secretary, Wendy was a proud supporter and friend of the PBS Graduate Student Diversity Committee. The recipient of this award works to foster an environment of collaboration and support and, with a sense of humor and contagious energy, improves the overall quality of life in the department. Just as Wendy did, this award recognizes a passionate individual who challenges the status quo and actively contributes to an environment that embraces inclusion, community, collaboration, mentorship, and social justice. 

This year, we have two individuals who embody Wendy’s sprit and positive influence in the PBS community: Krystal Cashen and Genna Santorelli (pictured left to right) 

Krystal Cashen, graduate student in the Developmental area.  In the words of her peers:

“Krystal is a person who exudes ‘contagious energy’… Krystal has a giant heart and her compassion shines through in her interactions with peers, as well as in her leadership roles.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that anyone who has had the pleasure of working or interacting with Krystal can see how she fosters a community of support and inclusion within the PBS Department.”

“Krystal is enthusiastic, determined, and endlessly motivated to fight for social justice.  She has taken the helm of the diversity committee with such skill, and I think that she absolutely reflects Wendy’s values.” 

Genna Santorelli, graduate student in the Clinical area. In the words of her peers:

“Genna has time and again gone above and beyond to improve the clinical program and the PBS community as a whole. She has served tirelessly as a social justice advocate in her recurring role as a member of the PBS diversity committee.”

“Genna consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, and does so with a positive attitude that is absolutely contagious.”

“Genna was very close with Wendy, and has worked hard to foster the same loving spirit in her interactions with the PBS community that Wendy demonstrated toward the clinical students.”