Heather Kumove and Ana Uribe receive Edna M. Dahlquist Scholarships

The PBS Graduate Studies Committee has selected Heather Kumove and Ana Uribe (first year graduate students in the Social and Clinical Psychology programs, respectively) to receive a 2020 Edna M. Dahlquist Scholarship.

Heather KumoveHeather Kumove, advised by Dr. Bernhard Leidner, is fascinated with understanding the antecedents which lead to intergroup strife and hopes to identify factors which can mitigate the harmful consequences of violent conflicts. Within social psychology, Heather is broadly interested in studying social emotion, intergroup conflict, moral judgement, and political attitudes. She utilizes psychophysiological and neuroscientific tools to explore questions within these disciplines. Her research focuses on intergroup emotions and their contribution to intergroup conflict.

Ana UribeAna Uribe, advised by Dr. Maria Galano, is primarily interested in the role trauma plays in the development of psychopathology in children and adolescents. Specifically, she hopes to better understand how intimate partner violence (IPV) exposure may contribute to the development of post-traumatic stress and depressive symptoms in youth. Ana is also interested in examining the way in which mode of violence exposure (seeing versus hearing violence) may differentially relate to youth wellbeing.

The Dahlquist Scholarship, offered annually, provides financial support for one or more graduate students in PBS. The scholarship rewards the unique challenges and hardships that a student overcame to enroll in their graduate program, providing $2,000 per student to complement other sources of funding (e.g., assistantships, fellowships). These funds may be used to support research and/or help with general living costs.