Grace Yi ‘19

Alumni Spotlight

Grace YiUndergraduate Degree: Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Neuroscience and Premed Track

Current Position Title and Affiliation: Clinical Research Coordinator, Head and Neck Oncology, Stanford School of Medicine

Summary of Position:
My position as a clinical research coordinator includes duties that pertains to the coordination of clinical studies in head and neck oncology such as serving as the primary contact for research participants, sponsors and regulatory agencies from the start to finish of a study. As a coordinator, I help to determine eligibility of and gather consent from study patients, coordinate specimen collection and processing, manage project databases, ensure proper documentation of research data, develop and complete study related documents and case report forms, monitor study budgets, and interact with the principal investigator regularly to ensure patient safety and adherence to proper study conduct.

Future Goals:
My future goal is to be a competent and compassionate healthcare provider to as many people as possible.

What do you love most about this career path?
“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs
This quote sums up the grit needed for this career path, which I fell in love with. In this field, you are always learning something new, such as novel drug developments, surgical techniques and treatment options. However, the best part of this job are the patients. I felt I have learned the most from them, including why I am in this field, what it means to be a healthcare provider, and even the best restaurants in New Orleans! I am attracted to this field’s unyieldingly generous, limitless and adventurous charm for the sole purpose of benefiting and helping those in need.

How did UMass and/or Psychological and Brain Sciences help prepare you?
UMass and Psychological and Brain Sciences provided a warm and open space for my personal development and created a foundation to kick-start my career success. Some key factors were the readily available and wonderful faculty members, the abundance of student organizations and the nationally ranked #1 dining halls (big shout-out to Hamp DC).

Tips for Current Undergrads:
Talk to your professors! They are the best source of information because they are masters of their craft and will most definitely know the in’s and out’s of whatever future goal you wish to pursue.

Additionally, this may sound a bit cliché, but whenever you are feeling stressed and perhaps burned out, stop what you are doing and rest. Your wellbeing is the most important fuel for life!