Emily Crain ’14, M.A.

Alumni Spotlight

Emily CrainUndergraduate Degree: BA in Psychology, Minor in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Current Position Title and Affiliation: Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology (3rd year in the PsyD program at William James College)

Summary of Position:
Emily is currently a 3rd year doctoral student studying clinical psychology, with an emphasis in Latino Mental Health. Emily is a Fellow at WJC’s Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health. Her current practicum placement is at Butler Hospital, where she is conducting neuropsychological evaluations on the adolescent inpatient unit. Emily’s dissertation is focusing on awareness of white privilege and experiences of microaggressions in cross-racial dyads; specifically Emily’s research will explore the post-release experiences of Black and Latino men, who have been incarcerated.

Future Goals:
Emily’s future goals include obtaining an APA-accredited internship and post-doc, as well as passing her licensing exam! Emily is committed to dedicating her career to working historically underrepresented and marginalized communities. Emily is particularly interested in psychological assessment and short-term psychotherapy in acute settings. Furthermore, Emily has a strong interest in the intersectionality between psychological, social justice, and the law.

What do you love most about this career path?
It is a continuous honor and privilege to bear witness to my clients’ experiences. It is a profound experience when someone allows you to accompany them on their journey of healing and recovery. My clients, especially those whom I worked with in the Department of Correction, challenged me to engage in meaningful and necessary self-reflection. The relationship between clinician and client is bidirectional, and this is a gift that our clients give to us.

How did UMass and/or Psychological and Brain Sciences help prepare you?
The psychology department at UMass provided me with amazing clinical and research opportunities. I was able to dip my toe in both the clinical and research world, which solidified my passion to pursue a career in psychology. My time as a research assistant in the Rudd Adoption Research Program was by far most influential. Dr. Rachel Farr and Dr. Hal Grotevant empowered me and mentored me, eventually assisting me in obtaining my first peer-reviewed publication and several conference presentations. They have become lifelong mentors and continued to support me post-graduation when applying to graduate school…which was 5 years later!

Tips for Current Undergrads:
Enjoy undergrad. UMass is such a special place, and there really is nowhere else like it. Take the time to learn about yourself and what your values are, what’s important to you, and what brings you joy.