Elizabeth Jakob Oversees Two-Day Workshop for Teaching Fellows

The College of Natural Sciences and the College of Engineering recently held the third annual two-day, spring training workshop for 26 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers accepted into the Teaching Fellows program. The training is overseen in part by Elizabeth Jakob, Behavioral Neuroscientist in Psychological and Brain Sciences and associate dean of the graduate school. The Teaching Fellows program gives participants valuable teaching experience while receiving guidance from faculty mentors. 

Jakob says, “I remember very clearly how daunting it was to transition into a faculty position. I had lots of experience as a TA in graduate school following a plan laid out by someone else, but teaching my first class on my own was a completely different challenge. In the Teaching Fellows program, we try to give the fellows all the tools they need to design their own course and the chance to try it out, but on a very manageable scale.” ("CNS, Engineering", par. 6)

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