Developmental Science Initiative Seed Grants Awarded

Congratulations to these four teams, who are the recipients of the very first Developmental Science Initiative (DSI) seed grants ($12,000 each), beginning Fall 2017. Funds are provided by PBS, CNS and university support. Administrative support is provided by the Center for Research on Families and PBS. Thank you, partners!

Aline Gubrium (Public Health) and Sally Powers (PBS Clinical and Developmental; NSB): Piloting a Community-Based Digital Storytelling Intervention to Prevent Postpartum Depression in Adolescents

Jennifer McDermott (PBS Developmental; NSB) and Nilanjana Dasgupta (PBS Social): Seeing is Believing: Testing A Developmentally Sensitive Intervention to Increase Resilience to Stereotype Threat and Enhance Executive Function Skills in Middle Childhood

Joonkoo Park (PBS Developmental and Cog/Cog Neuro; NSB) and Tom Roeper (Linguistics): Recursion as an Underlying Mechanism for Children's Acquisition of Language and Mathematics

Ashley Woodman (PBS Developmental and DDHS) and Rebecca Spencer (PBS Developmental, Cog/Cog Neuro, and Behavioral Neuroscience; NSB): The Impact of Physical Activity on Well-Being for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder