Caren Rotello elected to the Psychonomic Society’s Governing Board

caren rotelloCaren Rotello will serve a six-year term on the Psychonomic Society’s Governing Board starting January 1, 2020. The Psychonomic Society is recognized as the preeminent society for the experimental study of cognition. Members are cognitive psychologists who are focused on the application of psychology to health, technology, and education.

The Society states, "Our most innovative research uses converging methods from behavioral measurement, neuroscience, computational modeling and other fields to achieve our research goals. Members of the Society conduct research on questions concerning memory, learning, problem solving, decision making, language, attention, and perception. We also connect with research in biology, chemistry, statistics, computer science, medicine, law, and business."

The Society hosts meetings across the globe, publishes seven peer-reviewed journals, disseminates research to the public, and advances scientific knowledge by funding workshops and symposia. The Governing Board oversees the business, organizational, and legal affairs of the Society. It assures that all programs and activities align with the Society's mission and strategic goals. Members of the Governing Board also serve as chairs of Society committees.

Rotello's research interests are in computational and signal detection models of recognition memory, eyewitness memory, and reasoning. She uses behavioral experiments, modeling, and event-related potentials as tools in her studies.