Aimee Jacques ‘19

Alumni Spotlight

Aimee JacquesUndergraduate Degree: B.S. Psychology, Criminal Justice Certificate

Current Position Title and Affiliation: Graduate Student- M.S Forensic Psychology Program at Arizona State University, Full-time

PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Advocate- Full-time, New York

Summary of Position:
My job as a PREA Advocate is to go into state and county correctional facilities and help victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment within the facilities. I am currently the only PREA Advocate in my county and have 4 facilities I work with weekly. I provided crisis counseling, advocacy on their behalf and accompaniment to any investigation, hospital visits, and other PREA related matters.

Aimee shows her graduation cap "keep moving forward"Future Goals:
I hope to become the PREA Coordinator in my organization and have a whole team working with me within the next 2 years. I would also like to grow in the field of forensic psychology and work for a government based agency in some capacity using my skills and knowledge.

What do you love most about this career path?
I love that I get to help people who don’t have people speaking up for them regularly. I always wanted to be on the correctional side of the fence and this job allows me to see the other side and gain a whole new perspective of prison culture.

How did UMass and/or Psychological and Brain Sciences help prepare you?
Everything I learned in the psychology program at UMass formed a foundation for my career path. I have used things I learned from classes along the way that I would have never thought I would use! Information from Psych 100 to Abnormal Psychology, to Forensic Psychology, have all been used on a daily basis in my job and in my graduate career.

Tips for Current Undergrads:
Do your work, pay attention, and build connections. Whether that is with fellow students or professors, the network you build at UMass will help you on your journey. Oh, and have fun!