Agnès Lacreuse awarded NIH R21 grant to study the symptoms of menopause

​Agnès Lacreuse has been awarded a National Institutes of Health R21 grant to study the interactions between the co-occurring menopausal symptoms of sleep disturbance, hot flashes and cognitive impairment within an animal model.

The prevalence and severity of these symptoms is a major public health issue for midlife women. This project will determine whether manipulations of the estrogenic milieu induce changes in sleep patterns, cognition, and thermoregulation that are consistent with menopausal symptoms. Observations from this study should establish a valid animal model for the three major menopausal symptoms experienced by women. This data will set the stage for further studies designed to elucidate the potential interactions between these symptoms and their underlying mechanisms. Ultimately, these studies should lead to the development of novel, non-estrogenic therapeutics for the many women suffering from menopausal symptoms. The total amount awarded is $443,755 for two years.

Lacreuse was also recently quoted in a story discussing the signs of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain. Science Magazine