Aanchal Setia awarded Edna M. Dahlquist Scholarship

Aanchal SetiaThe Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences' Graduate Studies Committee has selected Aanchal Setia (a first year graduate student in the Social Psychology program) to receive the 2021 Edna M. Dahlquist Scholarship.

The Dahlquist Scholarship, offered annually, provides financial support for a graduate student in PBS. The scholarship rewards the unique challenges and hardships that a student overcame to enroll in their graduate program, providing $2,000 to complement other sources of funding (e.g., assistantships, fellowships). These funds may be used to support research and/or help with general living costs.

"I am interested in examining implicit group-based attitudes and beliefs that members of majority groups have towards minority groups, with a special focus on women in STEM. Specifically, I focus on identifying factors such as stereotype threats that affect the way women perceive their success and failures in male dominated fields. I also hope to develop interventions that would mitigate such biases and increase the representation of women in STEM." —Aanchal Setia