The Psychological Services Center

The Psychological Services Center (PSC) is the in-house training center (practicum site) for doctoral students in Clinical Psychology.  The mission of the PSC is two-fold; training students in the practice of clinical psychology, and meeting the behavioral health needs of the UMass and greater Amherst area community. Activities pertaining to all aspects of clinical training take place in the PSC from the start of a student’s graduate career, including classes, student presentations, assessment and psychotherapy intervention teams, and research.  The PSC is a comfortable and quiet place where students frequently spend time together working on clinic work, coursework, or their research.  The staff room is a hub of activity and social interaction for members of our program.  The PSC also is a great place to find an available room to set up a private space to work.  Further information about the PSC can be found at

The PSC is one of several HIPAA regulated units on the UMass Amherst campus and the privacy of PSC clients and the confidential nature of the work is extremely important. There are numerous policies and procedures that keep the work in the PSC confidential and safe.  Everyone who uses the PSC is expected to review these policies and procedures, which can be found on the PSC Wiki page in Box, which is available only to members of our program.  The PSC Wiki is a resource that can be referred to for all information concerning professional activity within the PSC. Admitted students have authorized access to the Wiki through the UMass Box Secure Online Storage.