Clinical Committees and Student Representatives

Faculty Meeting & Student Representatives

Faculty meetings occur sporadically during the academic year and at least one time per month on Thursdays 1-2:15.  Every year, two student representatives are selected to attend faculty meetings.  They bring announcements from students and participate in discussion about program events and policies.  The students are self-nominated and if more than two students are interested, the students are given the option to bring the issue of representation to an election. It is expected that the representative will be democratic about including the input of all their class members on important issues, e.g., polling appropriately when input is requested by the faculty or an important issue that affects students arises.  Likewise, it is expected that the faculty will treat each representative as representing the interests and opinions of his/her entire class.  Duties include attending all faculty meetings during the semester and being available to communicate with students being represented.

Colloquium Committee & Student Representatives

The Colloquium Committee is composed of two faculty and two students.  Each member serves a 2-year term, such that one new faculty person and one student joins the committee each year.  The Colloquium Committee organizes the colloquium series, which includes outside speakers about clinical science, internal speakers, and student clinical comps presentations.  Colloquia times are Thursdays 1-2:15, when there is no faculty meeting scheduled.

Admissions Committee & Student Representatives

The Admissions Committee is composed of one or two faculty and several students from various years in the program; we particularly value 1st year student participation on this committee, since they just went thru the admissions process and can provide feedback for improvements.  The Admissions committee is formed in the fall semester and has 1-2 planning meetings in late fall. 

Social Committee & Student Representatives

The Social Committee is composed the DCT and several student representatives.  This committee plans several fun low-cost or free social events (e.g., apple picking, hiking, pot luck bruch, game night, happy hours) each semester. 

Graduate Student Wellness Committee & Student Representatives

The Graduate Student Wellness Committee is composed the DCT, another faculty member, and several student representatives.  This committee assesses student wellness, plans activities, and collates information about resources to support graduate student wellness. 

There also are leadership opportunities for graduate students in the Department, including committee positions on the Executive Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee.  If a student is interested in these position, please let the DCT know!