When do I need to see a faculty/staff advisor?

Except for registering for your first semester at UMass, as a psychology major, you are not required to see an advisor to choose courses, but we strongly encourage you to check in with an advisor periodically to check your progress and to determine that you are taking the appropriate courses. Otherwise, you should see a faculty/staff advisor for the following:

  • if you have questions about how courses are appearing in your ARR on SPIRE or you think you need a course moved in the psych major portion of your ARR
  • if you have received approval for an exception to a psych major course that is a pre-requisite for other courses and you need to register in those other courses
  • if you need a psych course pre-approved for transfer from another school (bring the course description for the course you hope to transfer)
  • if you need psych courses pre-approved for study abroad or domestic exchange (bring the course descriptions)
  • if you are nearing graduation and you want to check your degree progress
  • if you have an academic advisor hold on your SPIRE registration
  • if the academic dean asks you to get information from your major advisor about your degree progress (e.g., if you have been on probation, or you have been at UMass for more than 10 semesters)
  • If you need advice about an internship, concerns about life after college, or other advice
  • ANYTIME you have a question or need advice that you would like to receive from a faculty/staff advisor

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