There is an advising center in the College of Natural Sciences Dean's Office (Morrill II rm 220). When do I need to go there?

Most students will not need to visit often with the college academic dean, with a few exceptions:

  • If you are pursuing the BA in psychology and have questions about the foreign language requirement, you can find these answers at CNS advising. In particular, if you have high school language credits that you would like to have evaluated for fulfillment of the college language requirement, this is done in the dean's office.
  • Otherwise you will need to go to the dean's office for issues with complex questions about general education requirements or college requirements, probation, academic discipline, or dean's holds (e.g., 10 semester holds).
  • The academic dean's office handles petitions for late adds or late drops from classes, requests to repeat a class more than once, or requests to take more than 19 credits per semester.  These are initiated online at:

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