I missed the timeslot I was signed up for! What do I do?

  1. For in-person sessions and sessions that require you to be online at a specified time (videoconferences), you must either cancel more than 24 hours before the scheduled time or arrive at the designated place within 5 minutes of the scheduled time.  Otherwise, the experimenter or session organizer will assign an unexcused “no-show” regardless of the reason 

  1. If you have a valid reason for missing the session and failing to provide 24-hour notice, email psychsona@umass.edu within 48 hours or as soon as possible with the reason and any supporting evidence.  Your reason and history of other no-shows will be reviewed.  When there is a valid reason, unexcused “no-shows” will be changed to excused absences. 

  1. If you do not have a valid reason – you don’t need to do anything as you are allowed three unexcused “no - shows” each semester.  

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