Developmental Science Seminar | Santiago Morales PhD

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 1:00pm to 2:30pm


Virtual via Zoom

Please join us for the next Developmental Science Seminar featuring Santiago (Santi) Morales PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern California.  Dr Morale's research looks at individual differences in the development of emotion and emotion regulation often conceptualized as temperament.

Attention Bias to Threat and its Relations to the Development of Internalizing Problems- Children’s trajectories of socioemotional development vary widely, placing some children at risk within the first years of life for later maladaptive outcomes. In this talk, I will discuss how children’s attention to threatening information influences early risk for internalizing psychopathology. I will present a series of studies suggesting that attention to threat in childhood moderates the impact of early fearful temperament as a risk factor for internalizing problems, such that attention bias to threat exacerbates risk for internalizing psychopathology in childhood. I will also discuss ongoing work examining the role of individuals’ sensitivity to errors (i.e., endogenous threat cues) in moderating the impact of early temperament on adult internalizing problems and the moment-to-moment experience of negative affect in the real world. Collectively, this work demonstrates that attention bias to threat can help us better understand the heterogeneity of trajectories of socioemotional development.

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Developmental Science