Diversity and Psychology Club (DPC)

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Diversity and Psychology Club (DPC)


This organization focuses on increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills regarding multicultural/diversity/social justice issues. We define diversity broadly to include race, ethnicity, language, gender, social class, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and physical appearance. Through meetings, educational events, bulletin boards, social activities, and guest speakers, DPC strives to create awareness of diversity and to provide support for students who are from diverse backgrounds and/or who are interested in pursuing careers that involve working with diverse populations.

For more information regarding DPC, please contact faculty advisor Dr. Youngbin Kwak at youngbin@umass.edu.

To stay connected and up to date, please follow our social media handles:
Instagram: @umassdipc
Facebook: Diversity and Psychology Club UMass
Twitter: @DpcUmass
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E-Board update


President: Akshata Kakolu (she/her/hers)
​Akshata Kakolu is from Fremont, California but grew up in Bangalore, India. She is a junior, currently working on her dual degree in Psychology on the neuroscience track and Public Health with a minor in Biology. She is interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology and hopes to be involved in spreading awareness about mental health. She enjoys spending time outdoors, meeting new people and forming new connections. She also enjoys cooking, baking and watching a lot of TV. She hopes to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment at the DPC and is excited to meet and get to know all members and potential members!


Vice President: Joelle Perez (she/her)
Joelle Perez is from Woburn, Massachusetts. She is currently a senior majoring in Psychology. She enjoys cooking and painting and loves scrolling through TikTok on her time off. She enjoys learning about new things and hopes to meet amazing people through the DPC club.


Public Relations Manager: Isabella Ferretti (she/her)
Isabella Ferretti is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is currently a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology, working towards a criminology certificate. She enjoys traveling, graphic design, and anything that contains chocolate. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of the psychology world here at UMass and is interested in pursuing a career in psych that will take her all over the world. In her free time she likes to try new recipes, take boxing lessons, and draw.


Volunteer Coordinator: Claudia Gaebler (she/her/hers)
Claudia Gaebler is from Lexington, Massachusetts. She is currently a junior majoring in Psychology on the Neuroscience track, working towards a Spanish & Health Certificate. She is half Korean and half German but was born and raised in Georgia (USA) until she moved to Massachusetts before her freshman year of high school. Claudia enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, snuggling up with her kitten Rex, and spending way too much time on TikTok. Some of her other hobbies include painting, biking, traveling, hiking, playing video games, and baking! She is currently interested in pursuing a career in Neuropsychology or Developmental Psychology. This is her first e-board position in a club so she is eager and excited to meet new people and create a close-knit community through DPC!


Secretary: Siobhan Coffman (she/her/hers)
Siobhan Coffman is from Norton, Massachusetts. She is currently a senior majoring in Psychology on the Neuroscience track and minoring in Biology. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones (which includes her pets) and doing anything that will make someone smile. Siobhan deeply values DPC and its members because it is a safe haven for students from various backgrounds that come together with common goals and interests. She is looking forward to contributing to an inclusive and supportive community at UMass.


Treasurer: Shijia Yin (she/her/hers)
Shijia Yin is from China and currently an international student. She is currently majoring in Psychology. She is also taking Japanese class and very interested in learning new languages. She likes playing with her pet dog and enjoying time with friends. Also, she enjoys playing Ukulele and recently learning guitar. Shijia really appreciates and is excited that we can have DPC to share feelings with diverse background students, do meaningful things together and hope to see new faces at DPC, make a warm community together here at UMass.