Parking Options

The University of Massachusetts has various options for parking (garage, meters, parking lot day passes, etc); these can be reviewed on the university's Where to Park page.

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has slots available for clients, subjects, visitors, and guests. These slots are identified as Psychology (Lot 64, H1-H4), Developmental (Lot 64, D1-D4), and Clinical (on Tobin Road access, T1-T9). You might also be able to acquire a permit to use one of these psychology department's special parking slots (discuss this with your faculty or research supervisor).

All of our designated parking spots do require a permit 24/7. The patrols have ticketed cars w/o permits in those slots or permits that omit the date, expiration time, and license plate number.

Psychological and Brain Sciences Parking Scheduling Protocol (for Faculty, RA, TA, or Research Supervisor):

  1. Please contact via email the Building Coordinator, (or Bookkeeping Tobin 440). If you are making an appointment with Psychological Services Clinic you must contact Sarah Martin, The schedule and/or Google calendar will be reviewed and a permit will be issued.
  2. Permits are easily picked up from the Building Coordinator's office, Tobin 401 (or Bookkeeping Tobin 440) or from the Psychological Services Center’s reception area (PSC Tobin 123).  
  3. All permits must be filled out with the following information to be used. Please make sure that each permit indicates the:
    a) Start Date/Time
    b) Expiration Time
    c) Study or PI’s Name
       * Without the above information the permit is considered void and the campus police might issue a ticket. 
  4. Tell the individual(s) to place the permit clearly visible on the dashboard.
    a) ​If your designated slots has been filled, please contact Jonathan ( 413-545-2385) to arrange overflow usage.
    b) If your subject has mistakenly gotten a parking ticket during the time the permit was issued, we can work with Parking Service to get it waived (as long as you are holding a permit or there was no other infraction).
    c) ​​If you have any questions or problems, contact Jonathan Tominar-Lipari 413-545-2385.
  5. All Psychology and Developmental parking slots are usually on the first come and first served basis. The Aging Parking spot (H1) should be used only upon receiving an exemption and having it marked on the parking permit.