Winter 2023 Newsletter

Tasneem Mohammad Receives Undergraduate Travel Award for Outstanding Research

Tasneem Mohammad
Tasneem Mohammad

The Graduate Diversity Committee is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2022-23 DivComm Undergraduate Travel Award is Tasneem Mohammad. She has been awarded $400 that will help her travel to present her study "An Analysis of the Effect of Racialization on the Political Polarization of Universal Healthcare Policy Attitudes in the United States" at this year's American Psychological Association's 2023 Convention.

Tasneem Mohammad is a senior Microbiology major with a Psychology minor. She worked with Dr. Bernhard Leidner in the War and Peace Lab and Dr. Kevin Young from the Department of Economics department to submit her work for presentation at the APA 2023 Convention. She is currently completing her honors thesis under the supervision of Dr. Young and PhD student Heather Kumove.

"My research focuses on attitudes towards health policies and the factors that play into these opinions. I want to determine what role factors such as the race of those benefiting from a specific policy or the participants’ own political beliefs and identities play in formulating opinions about those health policies and about those who are affected by them, hopefully leading to a better understanding of how policy and measures should be formulated in the future," says Mohammad.