Winter 2021 Newsletter | In the Media

woman weaving with yarnHow to keep sadness from turning into depression
Christopher Martell, director of the UMass Psychological Service Center, is quoted in an article about how to keep sadness from turning into depression. He says one technique to overcome the impulse to do nothing is to “applaud yourself for engaging in one meaningful behavior at a time, however, small.” Washington Post

people shaking handsLinda Tropp quoted in article 'How to Meet People Who Are Different from You'
Linda Tropp says, “What we see is that deep, close contact across group lines, like friendships or meaningful relationships, tends to be stronger in changing how we feel toward other groups.” Yes! magazine

Ervin Staub poses by tree in sunny parkOn BBC, Ervin Staub explains how his police training programs are being implemented
Ervin Staub, professor emeritus of psychology and founder of the Psychology of Peace and Justice program, is profiled and interviewed extensively about how his experience as a Holocaust survivor led to his creation of the Ethical Policing Is Courageous (EPIC) training program and the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) project. BBC

woman and man with cleaning suppliesIs the balance of housework between partners changing during the pandemic?
Maureen Perry-Jenkins, PBS faculty member and director of the Center for Research on Families, comments in an article reporting results from the American Family Survey on the changing balance of housework between male and female partners since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found that men perceive that they're doing more housework and childcare, but women think their male partners are overestimating their increased contribution. Desert News

person sleeping on couchRebecca Spencer explains how COVID-19 has impacted our sleep
PBS faculty member Rebecca Spencer is interviewed in-depth by the nationally syndicated public radio program “Innovation Hub” about how the stresses related to the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted our sleep. Listen to podcast

Spencer is also quoted extensively in an article about the benefits of naps, when they are taken correctly. Discover Magazine

hand with fingers crossedThe truth about lying during the COVID-19 pandemic
Robert Feldman, was recently featured in a New York Times article regarding an increase in the rate at which people are lying during the COVID-19 pandemic— particularly about symptoms and other health concerns. As the number of well-documented instances of dishonesty regarding symptoms increases, a new study by Brock University has found thirty-four percent of Covid-positive research participants had lied about their health when asked by others. But what is leading to all of this dishonesty? Feldman uses his experience researching deception to weigh in. New York Times

Getting a diagnosis of BPD
Katherine Dixon-Gordon comments on comedian Pete Davidson’s diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD). She says, “With a diagnosis, proper treatment, and hard work, people with BPD can see tremendous reduction in their symptoms and live full and happy lives.” Self

The challenges of taking a vacation during the pandemic
Jeffrey and Marilyn Blaustein, both retired from UMass Amherst, are featured in an article about the challenges faced by people who take long vacations. The Blausteins are planning a five-week road trip from Amherst to the Florida panhandle. The Washington Post