Winter 2020 Newsletter

Behavioral Neuroscience labs move to newly designed collaborative space in Morrill IV

Healey Lab mates pose in new space
Members of the Healey Lab setup their new lab space

The brand new neuroscience wing in Morrill IV, housing many of our behavioral neuroscience labs, features a modern open lab plan, lots of natural light, and energy efficiency. The space will house the labs and offices of David Moorman, Mariana Pereira, Luke Remage-Healey, and Heather Richardson, as well as the office of Agnès Lacreuse. It will also house the newest member of our behavioral neuroscience program, Ilia Karatsoreos, who will arrive in January 2020.

This space was designed to increase interactions among neuroscience faculty and students. It's near to researchers and core facilities in the Life Sciences Laboratories as well as other neuroscientists in the rest of the Morrill Science Center.

Watch a walkthrough video play

Healey Lab space with open floor plan and natural light
lab window looks out on campus pond
open lab space with many boxes
many microscopes setup on table
Members of the Richardson Lab
Heather Richardson moves in new equipment
student gives thumbs up, working in lab for first time
students smile in their new work cubicles
venturi system
student smiles putting containers on long shelves
movers come down hallway with shelf
hallway filled with moving boxes