Spring 2022 Newsletter | Research Highlights


The Implicit Social Cognition Lab directed by Nilanjana Dasgupta has published a new article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology co-authored by graduate students Marielena Barbieri and Alice Coyne, former postdoc Kelsey Thiem, and PBS faculty member Holly Laws. The paper reports a longitudinal study demonstrating that communal learning contexts that connect math with social good and peer collaboration increase adolescents' identification with math, performance, engagement in class, and future aspirations. These classes enhance students' belonging, self-efficacy, and motivation in math, benefiting all students, with a special boost for Black and Latinx students. Read full paper

Members of Nu Rho Psi and the UMass Neuroscience Club attended NEURON: the Northeast Undergraduate Research on Neuroscience Conference at Quinnipiac University. Pictured below are club members Shiv Shankar (grad student in CompSci) and Psychology majors Keshav Goel, Jenna Mazzola, Emma Martin, and Arlo Heimer-Bumstead, plus an action shot of Arlo presenting his poster. 

neuro club posesArlo presents poster

Averi Gaines, a 3rd-year student in the Clinical Psychology program, published her master's thesis in Psychotherapy entitled "Patient-therapist expectancy convergence and outcome in naturalistic psychotherapy". 

Jerry Meyer recently recorded an interview for the website Evolutionary Parenting in which he discussed the relevance of his research for understanding the effects of prenatal stress (i.e., stress experienced by pregnant women) on the offspring and the mechanisms by which such stress is transmitted to the fetus. The interview can be heard via a podcast on the Evolutionary Parenting website here

The 4th edition of the textbook Psychopharmacology: Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior, published by Oxford University Press, will be available this month. Jerry Meyer is lead author, and Andrew Farrar is one of the co-authors.