Spring 2021 Newsletter | Awards and Updates

Successful Doctoral Dissertation Defenses

Xingjie Chen, Representation of Reward and Risk in the Brain's Motor System: Studies in Adolescents and Adults, Advisor: Youngbin Kwak

Alice Coyne, Therapist-Level Moderation of Within- and Between-Therapist Process-Outcome Associations, Advisor: Michael Constantino

Len Pires De Lima Jacob, The Two Sides of Neural Habituation in Visual Processing: Enhanced Novelty Detection Versus Repetition Deficits, Advisor: David Huber

Successful Master's Thesis Defenses

Hannah Chimowitz, The Influence of Victim Gender and Emotional Expression in Victim Impact Statements on Legal Judgments and Punishment Decisions, Advisor: Linda Isbell

Awards and Honors

Nilanjana Buju Dasgupta has received the 2021-2022 Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship Award. Read full article

John Bickford has received an Outstanding Teaching Award from the College of Natural Sciences. Read full article 

Mélise Edwards was awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship. Read full article

Jasmine Dixon was just accepted to attend the Virtual 2021 MCUAAAR Summer Mentoring Workshop for Advanced Doctoral Students.

Several PBS graduate students received research awards from the Center for Research on Families:
Sungha Kang, Dissertation Award, Research Topic: Ethnic and racial disparities in ADHD assessment and diagnosis
Sarah McCormick, Travel Award,  Research Topic: Understanding the neural mechanisms and family processes supporting social-cognitive development in early childhood
Marielena Barbieri, Methodology Workshop Scholarship 

Future Plans

Visiting Assistant Professor Marcela Fernandez-Peters will be starting as an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Colorado College this fall!

Alice E. Coyne, a 6th-year student in the Clinical Psychology program, successfully defended her dissertation on April 13, 2021. Her study, Therapist-Level Moderation of Within- and Between-Therapist Process-Outcome Associations, is the first to test whether different therapists use distinct psychotherapy processes (i.e., the therapeutic alliance and patient treatment beliefs) to differing therapeutic benefit. Alice is currently completing her predoctoral internship at the Charleston Consortium, and she will begin in August a postdoctoral fellowship in Trauma- and Stressor-Related Pathology Research at Case Western Reserve University. Congratulations, Alice!