Fall 2023 Newsletter

Message From the Chair

Maureen Perry-JenkinsThe start of the Fall semester is a wonderful time on a university campus, especially here at UMass. There are many new faces and fresh energy swirling around. Students and faculty alike are excited to explore the various learning and social opportunities available to them. The PBS department is running at full speed with over 2,100 undergraduate majors and about 88 graduate students. We have many active research labs studying topics as far ranging as: early trauma, prejudice and discrimination, attention and decision-making, development in social context, and stress response systems. Faculty have secured grants totaling over $6 million dollars to pursue our research endeavors and many of our undergraduates are actively involved in our labs.

This semester we are kicking of a new initiative that is occurring across campus focused on Classroom Equity. Our goal is to create a greater sense of inclusion and belonging among all our students that will enhance their learning and ability to thrive here at UMass. We believe the thoughts and plans being created and implemented will benefit all in PBS.

On November 4, 2023, during Homecoming week, we are hosting a PBS Open House. We invite you to come socialize with PBS faculty at 4:00 PM and enjoy refreshments and conversations. Come say hello to your former teachers and classmates. Between 4:30 and 6:30, we will host lab presentations and talks highlighting some of the current research in PBS.

I hope this newsletter gives you a sense of the fascinating research and remarkable teaching that takes place in PBS. I love to hear from our alumni! Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and questions about our programs. Share your stories with us of your time at UMass and where your education has taken you!

Maureen Perry-Jenkins
Department Chair


Alumni Profile: Rebecca Brossoit ’15 PhD

As an assistant professor at Louisiana State University in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program with a focus on Occupational Health Psychology, Brossoit applies her research to real-world settings—promoting positive change in the workplace. Read full article

PBS Welcomes New Assistant Professor

Mohammad Atari, who joined the PBS faculty this fall, is uncovering what factors influence how psychology changes across historical time and cultural space. Read full article

A recent study explored parenting mechanisms, child temperament, and mental health in families where Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is occurring. Read full article

Upcoming Events

students use EEG cap to look at brain waves on computer screen

Friday, November 3 | 4:00 – 6:30 pm

4:00 - 4:30 PM - Faculty Meet & Greet

Put on your thinking caps and come over to the labs of Tobin Hall to meet faculty and students and learn about research programs that hold the promise of making revolutionary advancements!

Participate in demonstrations showcasing innovative technology while exploring the wide range of research performed in psychological and brain sciences.


Spotlight on Alumni

Find out how these bright alumni found their calling

Seda Korroch

Seda Korroch '22
Legislative Aide to the Office of State Representative Kenneth Gordon

Sean O Connor

Sean O'Connor '16 '21MBA
Program Manager of the Bold Challenges Initiative, University of Michigan

Sanah Rizvi

Sanah Rizvi '16 MA
Change Management Lead, Sobeys Inc (Canada)

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New Faces

Charlotte Wilinsky
Charlotte Wilinsky
Lecturer, Developmental Science
Elizabeth Curry
Elizabeth Curry
Office Manager of Psychological Services Center (PSC)

Award Highlights

Research Highlights