Tweet Blitz: Undergraduate Research

Every spring we're proud to showcase undergraduate research in a poster-fest attended by students and faculty alike. Check out some tweets and posters from our talented students, summing up their extraordinary projects!

JessikaHow do first-time parents balance work and family life while coparenting? We found that while family support improves coparenting quality overall, this relationship may look different across family types (married, cohabiting, and single-parent families) and genders (mothers and fathers). Jessika Antinori

Coparenting and Family Social Support Across Different Family Forms

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2022 Senior Awards

senior award winners pose together at UMass

Student Award
Arlo Heimer-Bumstead Outstanding Overall Senior Award
Yana Deeley Outstanding Overall Senior Award
Sari Saint-Hilaire Outstanding Senior Service Award
Jennifer Gove Outstanding Honors Thesis Award
Philip Dorfman Outstanding Honors Thesis Award
Beatrice Ojuri RA Appreciation Award
Charles Pisaturo III RA Appreciation Award
Andrew Simonton TA Appreciation Award
Alexis Minnis TA Appreciation Award
Hannah Carroll Academic Excellence Award
Paulina Dubb Outstanding Internship Award

Hear what some of our senior award winners had to say about their UMass experience:


Senior Spotlight: Hannah Carroll

Hannah CarrollWhat is one of your favorite memories from UMass?
It's hard to choose one, but many of them come from my time as a coxswain on the men's rowing team. From a spontaneous trip to Maine to play Catan at a Denny's in Portland, to competing to see who could hold a plank the longest each Friday in the fall (which I once won with 7 minutes), I know that the friends I made there will stay with me long after graduation.

How has UMass allowed for your intellectual/academic/creative abilities to flourish?
The variety of experiences that UMass offers both inside and outside of the classroom is what has allowed me to enhance all of my abilities as an undergraduate. It's hard to name one specific aspect, because there are so many opportunities that I was able to take advantage of over the past three years.  

Senior Spotlight: Michelle Gitau

MichelleWhat is one of your favorite memories from UMass? 
One of my favorite memories has to be my friends surprising me with a cake at midnight on my birthday freshman year. 

How has UMass allowed for your intellectual/academic/creative abilities to flourish?
I think there are so many clubs to be involved in that I have gotten involved with allowing me to express myself from fashion to faith and even academic based clubs. I found being in the BioPioneers RAP my freshman year to be extremely helpful as well as it gave me people who supported and challenged me as friends and professors that put me on the right path. 

PBS Students receive Center for Research on Families Research Awards

The Center for Research on Families understands the importance of supporting family researchers at all stages of their careers and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their competitive program recognizes outstanding students, from a broad range of departments and disciplines, who are conducting research on issues related to families.

Senior Spotlight: Michelle Shang

Michelle ShangWhat is one of your favorite memories from UMass?
I joined a CNS RAP my freshman year and we had so much fun together on the 3rd floor of Crabtree Hall. We’d always go to the dining halls together and take up an entire long table in old Worcester. We’d also stay up very late at night and “party” in the basement with Just Dance and procrastinate on chemistry homework. I absolutely loved the experience and will forever cherish those memories. 

Senior Spotlight: Arlo Heimer-Bumstead

In honor of #UMassGives beginning today and our senior scholarship fund, we are posting our first senior spotlight of the year showcasing one of the many talented students in PBS.

What is one of your favorite memories from UMass?
I don't have a singular favorite memory. I would say it is hanging out with my friend in the peer advising office and watching episodes of Friends or studying for our Organic Chemistry exams in our downtime. 

Multiregional study documents the experiences of siblings of people with intellectual disabilities

kids walk together in a corn field

Having a sibling with an intellectual disability influences young people in a range of ways. The relationships between siblings can have many positive aspects and more challenging parts such as encountering stigma or discrimination against those with an intellectual disability. In past research, the perceptions of Western parents of an intellectually disabled child were studied most often. This leaves much more to be revealed about the perspectives of siblings and those living in different regions of the globe.