Ronnie Janoff-Bulman Appears on the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


Ronnie Janoff-Bulman, Professor Emerita of Psychology and Brain Sciences at UMass Amherst, was recently invited onto the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast to discuss a variety of psychological topics, including implicit beliefs, human emotional reactions, blaming yourself for random events, flawed theories of motivation and types of morality. “If you look at liberals and conservatives, they don’t differ in terms of how much they think you should be helping—they may say you should help different people—but where you start seeing huge differences is the group-based morality,” Janoff-Bulman says.

How Children's Evaluations Change Based on a Leader's Conforming or Nonconforming Behaviors

kids put arms around each other

In a new study by PhD Student Yuchen Tian, UMass Amherst, and Assistant Professor Lin Bian, University of Chicago, children from ages 4-11 from the United States and China evaluated leaders versus nonleaders violations of group norms. They also examined in what manner beliefs of how leaders should conform shifted across a child’s development. Additionally, the team wanted to see if there were any differences between U.S. and Chinese children’s evaluations of leaders’ nonconformity.

Business Manager Karen Genereux Retires

Karen GenereuxAfter over 33 years, Karen Genereux, Business Manager in PBS, has decided to officially retire on June 28th.  Karen, and her infectious smile, have been an integral part of our department. Her contributions to this community were numerous. Her hard work, commitment, dedication to her job and to the members of PBS are worthy of admiration.  Our office will not feel the same without her cheerful presence.

Truc Do Awarded Health Tech for the People Graduate Fellowship on Ethics of Health Technology

Truc DoTruc Do, a rising second-year PhD student in the Developmental Science program, has been awarded a Health Tech for the People (HT4P) Graduate Fellowship on Ethics of Health Technology. Funded by the IALS/CPHM, the purpose of the HT4P graduate fellowship is to encourage graduate students to integrate considerations of ethics of technology and accountable, human-centered design, evaluation and translation of health monitoring technologies for the public interest into their program of research with mentorship support and community engagement.

2024 PBS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards

award winner portraits at UMassThese peer-nominated awards are given annually to PBS graduate students and a faculty/staff ally who work to improve the quality of life in the department and/or their program. These awards recognize passionate individuals who, like Wendy Helmer (a beloved PBS staff member who passed away in 2015), have actively contributed to an environment that embraces inclusion, community, collaboration, mentorship, and social justice.

Yun Zou and Diego Barcala-Delgado Receive Keith Rayner Memorial Graduate Student Research Awards

Yun smilingYun Zou, a third-year student in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Program working with Dr. Alexandra Jesse, was awarded the ninth annual Keith Rayner Memorial Graduate Student Research Award. His project, titled Adjusting to “foreign accents”: Change in perception or flexibility, will investigate how native English speakers cope with mispronounced speech sounds in nonnative accents.