Information for Departmental Members

Psychological and Brain Sciences members can find information relating to departmental procedures on our Intranet site.  Please login the Intranet tab will appear on the upper menu.

Some topics include:

  • Bookkeeping (Procard, travel, purchasing and reimbursements)
  • Classroom / conference room scheduling
  • Email / mailing lists, listservs
  • Getting Things Done (building support functions, event planning, forms, keys, letter head, media, phone bills, payroll, shop procedures, parking and photocopying)
  • Policies and Procedures (AFR, service, teaching, space, IRB procedures, funding sources, RTF, course information, graduate policies and procedures)
  • Steps and tips (faculty, graduate, hiring, space, research and teaching, SONA)
  • Information on job candidates and schedules of talks
  • Information for Volunteers / Visitors / Scholars and CITI training

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