Rudd Adoption Research New Worlds of Adoption Conference

The Rudd Adoption Research New Worlds of Adoption ConferenceThe Future of Adoption: Beyond Safety to Well-Being, was held on April 13th. This year's conference marked the Rudd Adoption Research Program's 10th anniversary, featuring Dr. Gary Mallon as keynote speaker. Dr. Mallon is the Julia Lathrop Professor of Child Welfare and Executive Director of the National Center for Child Welfare Excellence at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College in New York City. His keynote address was titled "Truth, Consequences and Reform: Rethinking Adoption in the 21st Century". The address was followed by a discussion led by Panel Chair April Dinwoodie, Creator, Adoptment and the Born in June, Raised in April Podcast. In addition to the morning keynote address and panel discussion, the conference held research poster presentations, breakout sessions and a special celebration of the program's 10th anniversary.

Keynote Address: "Truth, Consequences and Reform: Rethinking Adoption in the 21st Century"
Gary Mallon, Ph.D.

Panel Discussion
Panel chair: April Dinwoodie

L-r: Hal Grotevant, Rudd Family Foundation Chair in Psychology, Steve Goodwin, Deputy Chancellor and Chief Planning Officer, Virginia Rudd, and Andrew Rudd

"The Future of Adoption as Seen by UMass College Students Who Are Adopted"
L-r: Ana Gremli​, Victoria Griswold, Peter McGinn, Emma Sander, Jenny Muten

L-r: Hal Grotevant, Steve Kalb, and Angela Tucker

"Generational Shifts: Adult Adoptee Scholars' Perspective on Future Research and Practice"
 L-r: Hollee McGinnis, Adam Kim, Amanda Baden, JaeRan Kim