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UMass Amherst has illegally eliminated its entire Advancement division—124 state employees—in violation of signed agreements with our unions. These are the people who host Homecoming, publish UMass Magazine, solicit scholarship donations, and perform other essential functions for the university. UMass is moving these same functions to a private employer—without the transparency or oversight that public work requires. This scheme has irreparably harmed dozens of state workers, tuition-paying and tax-paying families, and the integrity of UMass as an institution. This fight is NOT over. We stand together to REVERSE the privatization of Advancement. We are working to restore these state positions and to stop any further union-busting and privatization attempts elsewhere on campus.


Washington (April 26, 2023) - Today, Senators Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) released the following statement regarding talks to privatize public sector jobs at UMass Amherst:

"We stand with union workers at UMass Amherst fighting against the privatization of public sector jobs, which would put employees’ retirement benefits and job security at risk. We urge UMass to come together with its workers on a solution that protects good, union jobs in our public education system."

On March 27, Amherst-area State Senator Jo Comerford and Amherst State Representative Mindy Domb released a joint public statement regarding UMass Amherst Advancement.
"As legislators who represent UMass Amherst and its people, we are gravely concerned about the 100 employees at UMass Amherst – many of whom are our constituents – whose positions focus on building support for the university. Their state jobs, careers, and retirements are on the line as the flagship campus endeavors to move their positions to a private entity.
"We are not convinced that UMass Amherst’s plan to restructure is needed and we strongly urge the Administration to reexamine options with two priority objectives: 1) to secure the retirements of these public employees, and 2) to achieve a resolution that addresses any compliance issues that UMass Amherst may face without forcing its employees to bear the cost with their retirements or their careers."
Sen. Comerford is the Massachusetts Senate Chair of the Joint Higher Education Committee and represents UMass Amherst; Rep. Domb is also on the Joint Higher Education Committee and also represents UMass Amherst. They both care deeply about UMass Amherst as an institution and as a community of students and workers. Their position and stature respecting UMass Amherst are undeniable, and their demand cannot be ignored.

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