Action Needed: Fight Unfair Changes to Health Insurance

In case you missed this in the storm, we wanted to share the following message and call for action around proposed cuts in GIC benefits from MTA President Barbara Madeloni and Vice President Janet Anderson.  If you have not done so already, please take a few moments to read and contact members of the GIC.

From: Barbara Madeloni, President, and Janet Anderson, Vice President

Subject: Oppose unfair changes to GIC health insurance


Should We Be Obstinate?

After nine fruitless months of negotiating with a President’s Office and campus administrations which have shown themselves to be interested only in exerting as much one-sided control as they can over our jobs, our career advancement, our work loads, our hours, our pay, and our benefits, it is time to make a decision.

Taking Stock

Your bargaining team has met with management eight times since late March, and at our last meeting on August 7th we agreed to put no more new proposals on the table. From here on, any proposals will be counter-proposals concerning issues already opened in bargaining. So now that we know what the bargaining universe looks like, this seems like a good time to take stock.

If you read our message from late May entitled “The Soul of a University” (available here: The Soul of a University), you will remember that management had presented an unprecedented series of proposals which are all about increasing management control, wringing savings out of unionized staff, and situating UMass squarely in the national race to the bottom. Those concessionary proposals remain on the table.

2015 Union Budget Approved

The Amherst and Boston Chapter Boards met on May 15th and approved the JEC budget presented below. This budget reflects ourthree priorities: responsibly managing our financial obligations, supporting contract negotiations, and encouraging member involvement in our parent union, the MTA.