PSU is You!

PSU is You!
June 21, 2019

By Iris Jenkins, PSU Member

PSU worked with the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) in January on “PSU is You!,” a video project aimed at encouraging both new and current members to think of the union as “our union rather than “the union and to become more involved in union activities. The project created nine short videos featuring individual PSU members. The videos will have many purposes, including:

• serving as part of the new employee orientation

• introducing PSU at department or building meetings

• raising awareness about PSU on social media

During the video interviews, members share how PSU has helped them, why and how they decided to become involved in PSU activities, and the overall impact PSU has on their lives. The members featured are: Jennifer Page (College of Information and Computer Sciences) ,Brad Turner (Information Technology), Jacob Hirsch (Polymer Science and Engineering), Karen Lederer (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies), Guadalupe Arevalo (Center for Women & Community), Patricia Sullivan (University Relations, Communications), Samantha Smith (News and Media Relations), Iris Jenkins (Research Compliance) and Natercia Teixeira (Center for Counseling and Psychological Health). Although these PSU members come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, they all feel similarly about the value of PSU membership. When asked what PSU is to them, responses include, “community,” “solidarity,” and “empowerment.” They speak of, “strength,” “inclusion,” and the “protection of our rights.”

Although the creation of the videos was supported by MTA, PSU is developing its own capacity to produce future videos. If you are interested in participating in future videos, please contact the PSU Communications Committee (

The videos will be posted to the PSU Facebook page sometime this summer. Remember, PSU is YOU!