Parking Bargaining Starts Today! Meet at 2:30 outside the union office

March 19, 2018

If you drive to work, are you prepared to pay $15 a day to park?

Were you asked when the administration took out a garage construction loan in your name?

Were you asked before the administration released a “bold new plan” to fund the substructure project with your parking fees?

Even if you don’t drive to work, do you believe our students can afford to pay $15 a day to park?

It has become clear that the UMass Boston administration, backed by the UMass Board of Trustees, sees employees and students as little more than a source of revenue. But serving students—not fleecing them—is our mission, and if UMass Boston works, it is only because we employees do.

A coalition of campus unions will have its first parking bargaining session on THIS AFTERNOONplease join the bargaining team for half an hour to wish us well and let management know you are watching.

UMass Boston has lost its way; let’s find it together.

See you today at 2:30 pm outside the union office!

And if you can’t join us, call Chancellor Mills’ office at 617-287-6800 any time today. Let him know how you feel about the parking fee increase and what impact it will have on you.