In Contract Talks, United We Stood

Union talks
December 13, 2018

During 21 months of grueling negotiations, the PSU Bargaining Committee stood united and unflappable during talks for our 2017–2020 contract.

We have our bargaining team members to thank. From Amherst: Brad Turner, Jo Martone, Carl Ericson, Meg Smith, Samm Smith, Tom Bak, Don Roy, Phurbu Wangdu, and LA Love. From Boston: Tom Goodkind, Sarah Bartlett, Thomas McClennan, Martha London, and Anneta Argyres. Contract talks began Dec. 16, 2016 and stalled out in July 2018, when management declared ‘impasse’ over the Boston parking fees. After filing charges, mediation, and collective action, a settlement was reached on October 18 and the contract was ratified by the members.

Contract highlights

  • provides for raises for the three years, including retroactive pay back to July 2017
  • increases the tuition benefit
  • improves contract language around compensatory and flex time, filling of vacancies, layoffs, and bumping
  • recognition of technology skills in the Salary Administration Program

While the main contract is settled for both campuses, in Boston the struggle continues over management’s proposed parking fee increases. The issue will likely lead to mediation and fact-finding. 

For more info, visit the documents section.

This story appears in the December, 2018, PSU Strong newsletter.