Tuition Battle

Tuition benefit chart
March 13, 2019

By Patricia Sullivan, PSU Member

When your spouse or dependent attends UMass, how much of a tuition benefit do they receive? As I’ve learned during my daughter’s four years as a UMass Amherst undergraduate, the answer is complex, confusing, and changeable.

Your Union at Work: Equity Reviews

A Gavel
March 13, 2019

By Iris Jenkins, PSU member

The Salary Administration Program (SAP) provides the guidelines for determining job classification levels and salary ranges for PSU members. The SAP has several objectives, one of which is to provide for internal equity in salaries. Equity reviews are one way to address significant differences in salaries between individuals doing comparable work with similar seniority and qualifications.

Why might I request an equity review?

A Dedicated PSU Associate Member

Louise Putnam
March 13, 2019

By Peter Tattlebaum, PSU member

The union victories achieved in West Virginia and Boston (Local 26 Marriott hotel workers), Los Angeles and other places reinforced the belief that resolve, persistence, and unity can win the battle against misinformation and austerity budgets. When a staff member not covered by the contract opts to use her own hard-earned money to pay dues, there is no surer sign of belief in unions and the power of solidarity.

PSU Strong Newsletter - March 2019

PSU Strong Newsletter - March 2019
March 1, 2019

There's a new issue of PSU Strong: Powering UMass Amherst and UMass Boston. We publish four times a year, offering news, in-depth focus on issues, informative statistics, and celebrations of our members.

PSU Strong: Newsletter, March 2019 (PDF)

PSU Strong Editorial Committee: Greg Blackburn, Judith Cameron, Iris Jenkins, Dan LaBonte,Jennifer Page, Patricia Sullivan, Peter Tattlebaum, and Ferd Wulkan

Raising Hell to Raise Revenue

Raising Hell to Raise Revenue
December 13, 2018

The Massachusetts Teachers Association, our state union, has pledged to unleash member power to increase state funding for public schools and higher education. Fund Our Future: Invest in the Schools and Colleges Our Communities Deserve was launched this fall. Its goal: increase state funds by $1 billion annually for K–12 schools and $500 million annually for higher education. The monetary goals are based on research reports that identified shortages needed to bring excellence to all schools and all students.