Fight for Racial Equity

UMass Boston CORE members played equality and diversity games.
December 20, 2019

By Dan LaBonte, PSU member, and Mary Jo Connelly, PSU Boston organizer

On both the Amherst and Boston campuses, PSU’s Committee on Racial Equity (CORE) has been working to build the capacity of our union to address racial discrimination and inequality using contract language, research, and education.

PSU Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Over Privatization of Jobs

Department of Labor Relations illustration
December 17, 2019

By Liz Smith, PSU member 

After months of stalled negotiations, in June PSU filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the state Department of Labor Relations over the issue of converting PSU positions to jobs with a private nonprofit organization. Specifically, the complaint requests that more than 20 positions currently housed under the University of Massachusetts Amherst Foundation (UMAF), the private fundraising arm of the campus, be returned to PSU. 

PSU Speech to University Trustees

December 17, 2019

Argyres Gives ‘Em Hell—Again

Editor’s Note: This is an abridged version of the speech delivered by Anneta Argyres, president of PSU Boston, September 5 to the UMass Board of Trustees.

At nearly every Board of Trustees meeting since 2016 at least one of your employees from UMass Boston has come before you to explain the impacts cuts are having on our campus and to plead for you to take action.

PSU Delegates attend 2019 MTA Annual Meeting

MTA Annual Meeting delegates from PSU support public education funding
June 21, 2019

PSU Amherst and Boston members, serving as delegates to the Massachusetts Teachers Association Annual Meeting, gathered May 3 in front of the Fund Our Future booth to show support for the campaign to increase funding for public education, from pre-k to higher education by $1.5 billion a year.

News from Retreat

50 PSU Amherst members gathered in February to brainstorm ways to make our union stronger
June 21, 2019

Some 50 PSU Amherst members gathered in February to brainstorm ways to make our union stronger. Six major themes emerged: contract enforcement, equity, identity/pride, communication with members, communication with administration, and preparations for next contract negotiations. The chapter board will decide next steps.