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Union membership is no longer automatic – you must submit a membership application to become a union member.

Every worker benefits from the union – but only union members build our power, sustain our existence, and have their voices represented. PSU is entirely funded by union member dues; we depend on every member to protect and extend our rights (see dues rates below). Do your part and join the more than 80% of your co-workers who belong to PSU: become a member today.

To submit your membership application: follow these instructions, or simply email your completed application to the PSU organizer:

Recent Wins and Goals

Some benefits that we have won–thanks to the support and work of our members– which we are constantly working to advance:


  • Salaries: An 8% Cost of Living Raise (2023-2024).

  • Salaries (again): More than $1 Million in employee raises through a campaign to get UMass Amherst HR to #ProcessTheBacklog.

  • Salary scale update at UMBoston: More than $4 Million in employee raises through a campaign to update the UMB salary scale

  • Flexible Work: defended our remote/hybrid work rights and enshrined these into a permanent agreement.

  • A Sick Leave Bank that provides up to 6 months of fully-paid parental leave.

  • Job Protections: averted mass layoffs of Advancement members; secured job guarantees for more than 100 affected members.

  • Generous Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time.

  • Tuition Benefits for staff and our families.

  • Free Dental & Vision Coverage.


  • Salaries that allow us to meet our needs and support our communities.

  • Retention: a new wage structure that gives members a reason to stay at UMass.

  • Full staffing: one person, one job; faster hiring, minimal vacancies.

  • Work/Life Balance: time and resources to have a vibrant life outside our jobs.

  • Protecting Public Universities from corporate interests that seek to privatize state work for profit.

  • Healthcare: better, more accessible medical (including dental & vision) benefits for all members, including out-of-state workers.

  • Sick Leave Bank: ensure access to parental leave is equitable 

  • Equal Treatment: eliminating the discrimination and overdisciplining of minoritized members on campus.

  • Higher Ed for All: the right to a debt-free, inclusive, high-quality education for all.

Dues Rates

Units A & C Rates

  • Full Time Member = $927.67 yearly or $35.68 per paycheck.

  • Three-Quarters Time = $747.75 or $28.76 per paycheck. (32 hours or less.)

  • Half-Time Member = $475.34 or $18.28 per paycheck. (20 hours or less.)

Unit B Rates

  • Full time = $635.17 yearly, $24.43 per paycheck

* Unit A is made up of professional staff at Amherst and Boston. Unit B represents Amherst classified supervisors and has a separate contract. Unit C is made up of the Athletic Coaches at Boston.

Learn More

To learn more about union membership, sign up for a virtual PSU orientation (UMass Amherst only)! 

Or talk to your PSU Delegate (Amherst) or Area Rep (Boston) from your work area.

Important Forms & Documents

Where do your dues go?

The PSU’s budgets are available on our website. Click here to view our recent budgets and associated documents.