Contract Action Team (CAT)

Are you concerned about the upcoming contract negotiations, but are unsure about how to get more involved? Join the Contract Action Team (CAT)!

The Contract Action Team (CAT) is a group of PSU members who are committed to communicating about contract negotiations with the broader PSU membership on their campus, as well as organizing members for visibility and action in support of negotiations. The CAT’s broad goals are as follows. 

  • Encourage members to participate in surveys and discussions about bargaining priorities
  • Communicate what the bargaining team is fighting for and develop education campaigns
  • Work with the bargaining team to communicate what management is trying to take away/change and the impact
  • Help make contract negotiations visible to membership by creating materials (newsletter, stickers, posters, etc.) to use in organizing and actions
  • Bring members to contract negotiations to testify about specific issues as appropriate
  • Gather input and feedback from members as requested by the bargaining team and updates from the team to members (feedback loop)
  • Organize members for visibility and action in support of negotiations
  • Build support among key allies; students, other unions, community members


CAT signup card (.docx)