Get Involved

We strive to have a democratic union with accountable leaders and forceful, collective response from our members. In order to build a union that directly reflects our needs and interests as public higher education workers, what we need most is your involvement. The more we all participate, the more our union will truly belong to us.

You can:

  • Attend union meetings. 
  • Talk to your delegate (Amherst) or area rep (Boston) — or if your area doesn’t have one, serve as an area rep!
  • Join a union committee.
  • Run for an elected position within the union.

PSU Committees

Area Reps / Delegates

(Amherst, see Amherst Delegate Council; Boston, contact Mary Jo Connelly or Michelle Browning)
The members of this committee are the “face of the union” in each part of campus, [NOTE: UMB does not elect Area Reps] elected by their co-workers. They keep in touch with the other members in their area, updating them and helping to answer their questions.  This committee is primarily for communication.  For problem solving, see the Grievance Committee or Stewards Network.  UMB Area Reps also serve as the Contract Action Team (CAT) to engage members in organizing to win a good contract.

Contract Action Team

(Amherst members, see Amherst Delegate Council; Boston members, contact Mary Jo Connelly.)
The Contract Action Team (CAT) supports the bargaining process by facilitating communication among the members, and engaging in other activities to raise awareness in the community.

Committee on Racial Equity

(Boston, contact Joy Solon or Tyra Mendes.)
The Committee on Racial Equity (CORE) is building PSU’s capacity to address racial discrimination and inequality at both the Amherst and Boston campuses using contract language, research and education.

Communications Committee

(Amherst members, Contact; Boston members, contact Peter Tattlebaum)
The Communications Committee is responsible for all internal and external Chapter Communications, including minutes, website, email, Social Media, E-newsletter, and correspondence.

Education Committee

(Amherst members, contact Pamela Lester)
Please join us in educating our members about PSU, including but not limited to our contract, PSU organizational structure, and PSU policies and procedures And ways we can share our union strength.

Grievance Committee / Stewards Network

(In Amherst, contact Lori Peterson, Grievance Officer or Kathy Rhines, PSU Staff. Boston members, contact Alison Murray or our Grievance Committee email box.)
This committee advises members on workplace problems and handles grievances for our members across campus. The Stewards Network is representative of the workforce and responsible for strengthening the representational structure of the Union.  Under the direction of the Grievance Officer, stewards monitor and enforce the collective-bargaining agreement, advise employees on contract provisions, work to resolve work place problems, confront employers over safety issues and represent employees in grievance proceedings.

Membership Committee

(Amherst members, Emmy Cooper; new Boston members, contact Mary Jo Connelly) The Membership Committee meets with new PSU members and orients them to PSU, and organizes events for new members.

Negotiations Committee

A Negotiations Committee is elected nine months before our contract expires in order to negotiate a new contract.

Nominations & Elections Committee

The PSU Elections Committees are made up of three members (in Boston) or at least three members (in Amherst), appointed by the Chapter Board to serve for a two-year period, to ensure democratic elections for officers, delegates, and MTA Annual Meeting delegates.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee produces PSU Strong, our Amherst-Boston newsletter.

Organization Committee

(Amherst members, contact Melissa King)
Help build the union’s power and effectiveness by mobilizing members in support of PSU priorities

Salary Administration Program (SAP) Committee

(Amherst members, Contact)
The SAP Committee monitors the Salary Administration Program and members’ reviews.

Sick Leave Bank

The Sick Leave Bank (SLB) provides 100% income replacement if you need to be out of work and you don’t have enough of your own accrued time, for your own illness or injury, to care for a family member, or for parental leave, with eligibility criteria and term-length limitations. The Sick Leave Bank Board is made up of PSU and UMass administration representatives (3 of each at UMass Amherst, 2 of each at UMass Boston).