Contract Negotiating Committees

The 2023 PSU Unit A and Unit B bargaining teams have been elected. They will work on negotiating new PSU contracts.

For the 2023-2026 Contracts

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Unit A Bargaining Team

PSU Unit A Bargaining Team photo

Standing (left to right): Alysha Desharnais, Tyra Lopes Mendes, Andrew Gorry, Nellie Taylor, Sarah Bartlett, Jennifer Shiao, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Thomas McClennan. Seated (left to right): JoAnne Martone, Jason Reisfeld, Anneta Argyres, Amber Davis. Not pictured: Carey Kelly.

The PSU Unit A bargaining team will bargain the Unit A contract representing employees in Amherst and Boston.

  • Anneta Argyres, Boston
  • Sarah Bartlett, Boston
  • Amber Davis, Amherst
  • Alysha Desharnais, Amherst
  • Andrew Gorry, Amherst
  • Carey Kelly, Amherst
  • Apostolos Koutropoulos, Boston
  • Tyra Lopes Mendes, Boston
  • JoAnne Martone, Amherst
  • Thomas McClennan, Boston
  • Jason Reisfeld, Amherst
  • Jennifer Shiao, Amherst
  • Nellie Taylor, Amherst

Unit B Bargaining Team

The PSU Unit B bargaining team will bargain the Unit B contract, representing non-exempt supervisors in Unit B. All members of Unit B are in Amherst.

  • Dennis Bruffee
  • Mike Dufresne
  • Alison Labossiere
  • David Wilson
  • Brad Turner