Completing the PSU Amherst Membership Form

Accessing the form:
Go to the PSU Amherst Membership Form and download the form if you do not already have it.

Completing the form:
The form is “fillable,” meaning you can fill it out on your computer. If you prefer, you can also print, complete, and scan the form.

Please leave your hire date BLANK – we will input the next dues start date so that we are not back-charged dues from the MTA prior to you becoming a full member.

Please include your personal email address and a cell phone if possible, so we have a way to contact you that is not on a University server.

Other info you may need for the form:

  • Local association name: 754 PSU
  • Bargaining unit: Amherst
  • Employer: Commonwealth of MA
  • Leave work/school/college location blank
  • It is okay to leave your SSN, ethnicity and gender blank if you prefer
  • If you are not a first-time member, but you don’t know your MTA member ID, it is fine to leave that blank

Submitting the form:
Email the completed form to
Please note that you likely will not see dues deducted from your paycheck right away. The MTA has four quarterly dues start dates per year. Dues are $33 per pay period, or $16.50 per week.
If you have any questions about membership or about this form, please contact Julia Lauzier at