The Older Adult Wellness Team deliver high quality care to older adults and their families in the Pioneer Valley.  We strive to build upon strengths and promote well-being among the 55+ community.  Our program is housed within the Psychological Services Center at UMass Amherst, and aims to collaboratively help older adults via individual therapy and groups.  We help clients with depresssion, anxiety, adjusting to illness and/or cogntive changes, caregiving concerns, retirement-related stress, end-of-life issues, complicated grief, insomnia, and other challenges older adults and their families face.


Behavioral Activation (BA) is a psychological treatment for depression and anxiety that is based on the simple premise that when we take small steps to change behavior, our moods will follow.  The UMass Psychological Services Center (PSC) offers time-limited, 10-week groups on BA.  The groups are intended to be educational, with information presented in mini-lecture format, but also to draw from the experiences of group members through discussion.  Weekly groups are 90-minutes long, and the day and time will be determined by discussion with members once the group is formed.  The cost of the group is $15 per session.  When there is sufficient interest multiple group may be offered.  Groups will be lead by graduate students, and will be co-lead or supervised by Christopher Martell, PD., ABPP, Clinic Director, who is also one of the primary developers of contemporary BA.