Are research studies conducted in the PSC and do I have to participate?

Research studies are conducted from time to time in the PSC. Prinicipal investigators, normally faculty members or students of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, identify the areas they wish to study and develop study protocols and tools which will be utilized to administer the study to participants. You may be asked, while receiving services at the PSC, whether you are interested in participating in a research study. You are entitled to decline participation in any study and your decision not to participate will not affect any services you receive or your eligibility for services in the PSC. You are entitled to ask any questions about participation in the study that you may have and you are entitled to decline further participator in any study even if you have already participated in some portion of a particular study. You should always feel free to discuss your participation with those administering the study and can request to speak to the Principal Investigator should you feel the need to do so. The PSC also administers an evidence-based outcomes assessment protocol to all adult therapy patients, and to the parents of minor clients where applicable. This protocol consists of a series of questions regarding the progression of therapy in the PSC. This is not an optional research questionnaire, but one that is meant to directly impact and improve therapy outcomes. Please direct any questions you may have about our evidence-based protocol to the front office staff. They will forward your inquiry to the correct clinical staff person.