STRIPE Training Program

The STRIPE (Strategies and Tactics for Retention through Inclusive Promotion Evaluation) Training Program provides UMass Amherst personnel committees with the opportunity to learn strategies to minimize bias to support inclusion and inclusivity in faculty promotion and tenure cases.

As part of the Provost Office’s ongoing efforts to address institutional bias and increase retention, UMass Faculty Diversity, in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Development and the Academic Personnel Office, has launched training for members of college and department personnel committees. This new initiative is a form of applied implicit bias training intended to address the particular challenges of the faculty evaluation process and develop strategies to counteract bias. The workshop builds on the STRIDE faculty recruitment trainings that have been offered to address bias in recruitment. Please note that this is meant to complement, but is separate from the training offered by MSP, which focuses on the procedural aspect of personnel committee work.

The UMass STRIPE Training for personnel committees is modeled after the STRIPE Training developed by ADVANCE at Texas A&M, and draws on materials developed by Beth Mitchneck and the UMass ADVANCE team.

Spring 2024 STRIPE Training Workshops

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2024 STRIPE Faculty Fellows

Theresa Austin – Professor, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Elizabeth Brabec – Professor, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Laura Francis – Senior Lecturer, Biology

Jonathan Hulting-Cohen – Associate Professor, Music and Dance

Ken Kleinman – Professor, Biostatistics

Jacquie Kurland – Associate Professor, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Shelly Peyton – Provost Professor, Chemical Engineering

Timothy Randhir – Professor, Environmental Conservation

Matthew Rattigan – Senior Teaching Faculty, Manning College of Information & Computer Sciences


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