JTFRA Community Feedback

The campus’s Phase I strategic planning document (“Innovation and Impact: Renewing the Promise of the Public Research University”) called for consideration of a more effective budget allocation system consistent with “high standards of transparency, rationality and fairness as we tackle difficult choices.” The Joint Taskforce on Resource Allocation (JTFRA) has been charged by the Chancellor and the Faculty Senate to “organize the campus’s consideration of alternative resource allocation models, and make recommendations to the Chancellor for moving forward with any proposed improvements.” During that process JTFRA is committed to broadly engage the campus community.

This online form is one vehicle for receiving feedback. JTFRA’s main website has information on the Taskforce’s progress, documents for review and comment, and opportunities for participation.

All comments are welcome. It would be helpful if you could provide some brief context to your comment so we can be sure it reaches the right conversation (e.g., “this is a general comment on campus budgeting,” or “I just saw the draft of guiding principles and wanted to bring up…”).

Thank you for your willingness to join this important campus conversation. Comments submitted here will be shared only within JTFRA. You can also send comments or ideas to jtfra@provost.umass.edu.