Teaching and Learning Resources

Teaching and Learning Resources

Whether you're looking for help planning courses, research-based pedagogical practices that support equity and inclusion, or assistance with classroom technology, here are a number of campus units that provide support for teaching and learning at UMass Amherst.

CTL supports faculty and provides resources focused on student-centered teaching, course and curriculum design, faculty mentoring, intercultural competency, scholarly writing, leadership, and more.

IDEAS guides educators through the exploration of new technology to present the best and most flexible versions of educational programs to reach students everywhere. The IDEAS team offers one-on-one consults, technology training and webinars, the Instructional Media Lab, and more.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers University of Massachusetts Amherst students a peer-supported environment to meet academic challenges. Tutors, Supplemental Instruction Leaders, and ExSEL Leaders are model students trained to assist their peers in achieving academic success.

UWW provides innovative, personalized learning experiences and support to all students no matter what stage of life they are in. We empower learners to explore and pursue academic pathways—on campus, online, and blended—that meet goals, improve lives, and inspire change.