Third Spaces Writing Program

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Third Spaces Writing Program

Sociologist Ray Oldenburg used the term “third space” to refer to those places away from home and work that are neutral and non-hierarchical. Homi K. Bhabha argued that third spaces allow the marginalized to imagine liberation. The Faculty Diversity Writing Program embraces the idea of “third spaces” as a means of cultivating physical, mental, and institutional space to discuss shared challenges and aspirations, and to advance our professional and personal goals.

The Third Spaces Writing Program offers faculty of color a space to gather and interact while pursuing writing goals. Intended as supportive, participant-driven spaces, these writing sessions offer dedicated time and support for faculty to focus on scholarly writing and connect with colleagues around goals and challenges.

Third Spaces Virtual Write-on-Site Sessions: Spring 2024

These virtual sessions create spaces for faculty of color to gather and interact while pursuing writing goals. Sessions begin with a small group 15-minute check-in, with each participant introducing themselves, their writing project, and specific writing goals. Participants will then work independently on their writing goals, reconvening in the final 15 minutes to discuss their progress, challenges, and to set writing goals.

Spring 2024 Third Spaces sessions are open! Click here to join a virtual session during the times below.

If you have trouble logging in please contact the facilitator.

Dr. Cathy Luna - Third Spaces Writing CoachWant to talk through a writing project or discuss your writing process more generally? Sign up here to join our Third Spaces program writing coach, Dr. Cathy Luna, for a free individual writing consultation. These 45-minute consultations take place from 3:15-4:00 p.m. and 4:00-4:45 p.m. on Thursday afternoons. Click here to join an individual consultation.

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Third Spaces Writing Retreats

Away from the buzz of campus, these day-long retreats will give us a chance to regroup at the end of a hectic semester and focus on our writing goals while connecting with faculty from across campus. Stay tuned for details about our next writing retreat.