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Faculty Groups

Faculty Groups

These faculty-driven initiatives identify a need and develop resources for mutual support. If you’d like to form a group, please contact with a brief description.

The Blacklist: Women and Non-Binary Faculty of Color Group

This group brings together self-identified women and non-binary faculty of color in order to facilitate mentoring networks, community building and enhance the capacity of women faculty of color as talented leaders on the UMass Amherst campus and in their fields. This ADVANCE funded initiative is led by Mari Castañeda, Miliann Kang, Benita Barnes, and Nef Walker. Please contact Mari Castañeda or Miliann Kang to learn more about the initiative.

Working Around the Pandemic: A Collaborative for Caregivers

Perhaps one of the greatest disruptions of the pandemic has been the shift to working from home, with all the difficulties that entails. This faculty group is a forum to connect caregivers as they seek to balance their caregiving responsibilities with work goals and personal needs. This group offers participants an opportunity to exchange ideas and provide support by developing both individual strategies and collaborative programs of mutual aid. Please contact for more information. 

Amel Ahmed, Associate Provost for Equity and Inclusion
Angélica Bernal, Associate Professor of Political Science, Academic Fellows Program Director

Trauma and the Scholar 

This informal discussion group focuses on the challenges of teaching and researching the colonial and imperial past and how it affects scholars’ mental and physical well-being. The group meets once a month to share experiences and stories of teaching/researching related topics at UMass and how to cultivate self-care. Please contact for more information.